MMO Reporter Prediction Show 2015

MMO Reporter show

Summary: <br> <br> Chris, Bill, Harry and Layanor take a look at last year’s predictions, and then follow the time honoured MMO Reporter tradition of baseless speculation and look at what’s to come in the year ahead.<br> Audio Version:<br> <br> <br> 2014’s predictions for 2015<br>  <br> Big Winners:<br>  <br> Chris – Star Citizen, Trove<br> Bill – Landmark<br> Harry – Elite Dangerous<br>  <br> Big Fails:<br>  <br> Chris – Lots of smaller games that have potential to fill this category, but no one game stands out as waiting to fail.<br> Bill – Civilization Online jumps out at me. **<br> Harry – Star Citizen<br>  <br> Listener Predictions:<br>  <br> @dibstaru – @<a href="">mmo_reporter</a> there will be angst, predictions, trolling, shutdowns, layoffs, patches. But still no sandbox as good as SWG.<br>  <br> @balterex – @<a href="">mmo_reporter</a> think wow has a heavy drop off. Others gain. Cycle repeats over and over.<br> <br> <br> @<a href="">mmo_reporter</a> oh yeah. No man’s sky happens and is awesome<br> <br> <br>  <br> @Anhrez – <a href="">#wildstar</a> sees small resurgence <a href="">#CamelotUnchained</a> sees some buzz <a href="">#WoW</a> keeps above 9mill, eSports continues mainstream climb @<a href="">mmo_reporter</a><br>  <br> What will eat up most of our time in 2015:<br>  <br> Chris – WoW and Elite: Dangerous<br> Bill – Guild Wars 2.  <br> Harry – Elite Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program, EVE, Planetside 2<br>  <br> What game(s) won’t be released in 2015?<br>  <br> Chris – Everquest Next<br> Bill – Camelot Unchained <br> Harry – Warhammer 40k<br>  <br> What will be the dominant element of MMOs in 2015<br>  <br> Chris – MMO-ish elements in non MMO Games (Destiny ish)<br> Bill – This might be a bit late, but I think the “indie” MMO may be on the rise.  There are games being made in garages this year that will surprise (not including Star Citizen in this, but maybe no man’s sky?)<br> Harry – Science Fiction instead of Fantasy, procedurally generated content<br>  <br> Question Marks?  What can’t you quite put your finger on:<br>  <br> Chris – Why no AAA “traditional MMO” titles announced other than Everquest Next/Landmark?<br> Bill – Black Desert?  Looks pretty, but seems like a re-hash of a dozen other games like it over the last few year.  High-ish on the hype meter as far as 2015 releases go.<br> Harry – Landmark<br>  <br> 2015 in review<br>  <br> What surprised the MMO market this year?  (surprising game; tech; news; something else?)<br>  <br> Chris: Shadow Realms cancelled<br> Harry: No major MMO launches, nothing made waves<br> Bill: Daybreak, Landmark &amp; Everquest Next<br> Layanor: World of Warcraft’s update and going in game gold to play. <br>  <br> What was the biggest story of the year in MMO’s? (what shook the industry the most?)<br>  <br> Chris: Heart of Thorns coverage. <br> Harry: WoW losing so many subs<br> Bill: Subscription drops for Wildstar &amp; ESO; GW2 F2P<br> Layanor: SOE sold off<br> <br> What was your favorite story of the year? (we should all probably review show notes to pick this)<br>  <br> Chris: Kit the Traveler   <br> <br> <br> (<a href=""></a>)<br> <br> <br> READ THIS: <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> <br> Nicholas the Traveler – <a href="">http://wiki.g</a>