June 7th - This Week at the United States Supreme Court

Supreme Podcast show

Summary: This week the Court issued three opinions and granted review to two new cases. On this episode we discuss the following cases: Alabama Redistricting Cases - Whether Alabama's legislative redistricting plans unconstitutionally classify black voters by race by intentionally packing them in districts designed to maintain supermajority percentages. ALABAMA DEMOCRATIC CONFERENCE ALABAMA LEGISLATIVE BLACK CAUCUS Bond v. United States - May the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 229, be interpreted to reach ordinary poisoning cases? CASE DOCUMENTS Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus - To challenge a speech-suppressive law, must a party whose speech is arguably proscribed prove that authorities would certainly and successfully prosecute him, as the Sixth Circuit holds, or should the court presume that a credible threat of prosecution exists absent desuetude or a firm commitment by prosecutors not to enforce the law, as seven other Circuits hold? CASE DOCUMENTS Patent Cases - Whether the Federal Circuit erred in holding that a defendant may be held liable for inducing patent infringement under 35 U.S.C. § 271(b) even though no one has committed direct infringement under § 271(a). And does the Federal Circuit’s acceptance of ambiguous patent claims with multiple reasonable interpretations—so long as the ambiguity is not “insoluble” by a court—defeat the statutory requirement of particular and distinct patent claiming? LIMELIGHT NETWORKS NAUTILUS