Podcast #61 Dimension X

Brando Classic Old Time Radio Podcast show

Summary: Welcome to the Friday 4 Pack for Friday, September 18 2015. Our winner this week is Dimension X. Dimension X was a classic Sci-Fi old time radio Show that ran on the NBC network from April 8 1950 to November 29th 1951. These are adventures in time and space told in future tense. The first episode you are going to hear comes from a play adapted from a short story that appeared in the Saturday Evening On Christmas eve 1949 and was written by Graham Doan Was adapted For Dimension X by Ernest Kinoy. The show is called, The Outer Limit. The second show you're going to hear Is Jack Williamson’s famous story, With Folded Hands Which was first published In July 1947 in an issue of Astounding Science Fiction.