Liquidware Labs – FlexApp Layering and ProfileUnity UEM Podcast– Episode 244

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Summary: In episode 244, Douglas Brown interviews Jason E. Smith, Vice President Product Marketing for Liquidware Labs. Jason explains why Liquidware Labs' FlexApp layering and their ProfileUnity User Environment Management solutions are unique. He surprised me by discussing how well they can individually complement competing products like AppSense User Environment Manager and Unidesk layering. With that in mind he went on to talk about the ease of use of well orchestrated User Environment Management and Application Layering that works seamlessly together. About Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity ProfileUnity is sophisticated User Environment Management that ends the need for roaming profiles. The solution supports automated migrations to Windows 10 and Server 2012r2. ProfileUnity speeds overall logon times and streamlines user management, by providing unified User Profiles with Application Rights Management and Context-aware Policies to control users on any Windows OS, on any desktop delivery platform. Top Reasons Organizations Choose ProfileUnity with FlexApp Customers gain these significant advantages when deploying these solutions in their desktop environments: * Average 90% reduction in login times * Seamless Windows OS version co-existence and migrations * Application Layering option streamlines Windows desktop image management * Context-aware settings help ensure compliance and management of profiles, applications and printers * No backend systems required -- leverage existing infrastructure for better TCO * Seamlessly scale to thousands of users with no additional servers * Profiles remain in Windows native format, no data lock-in * Built in high-availability options for managing advanced user and application layering data disk features To learn more information please visit: Download a free evaluation at: About Jason E. Smith Jason E. Smith is VP Marketing for Liquidware Labs. He was most recently co-owner of Entrigue Systems which the company acquired in 2009 for its user profile management and desktop settings solutions. He has more than 16 years’ experience in software and technology product marketing, having consulted or advised dozens of Windows management and networking companies including Reflex Systems, ISS, RES Software, Opalis Software, Vector Networks, UltraBac Software, D&B Software, DCA, divisions of BellSouth, Red Hat Software, and Citrix Systems. A proven technical-minded serial entrepreneur, Jason was also a marketing advisor and equity holder in Sonic Mobility which was sold to LANDesk/Avocent in 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism with a minor in Psychology from The University of Georgia.