Double Rainbow Holiday Rock Out!

EPIC FU (HD) show

Summary: Rock out the holidays in the way only the Internet can - with crazy videos. From the year's most viral video, to new mashups for the holiday season, go on and get your freaky yuletide freak on! May the FU be with you! xo Show Links: Bed Intruder, Trololo, A Christmas Trololo, Bed Intruder Cover: Vektor Music, The Original NC A&T Bed Intruder Song, Bed Intruder Song by Schmoyoho, New Year Russia, Bed Intruder Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Regular Reindeer, Rudolph (You Don't Have to Put on the Red Light), It's a Jolly Holi-Dog Celebration, Home Alone Twitter Re-enactment, Star Wars Christmas, Santa the Face Sucking Vampire, Keyboard Cat Christmas, North Point's iBand Credits Music Video: Christmas Kitty Song Discussion: Epic Fu Forums Sponsor: - Tips for a Connected Lifestyle