KG's Adventures: #2, July 21, 2015

Kelownagurl Tris Triathlon Podcast show

Summary: In this episode, Erik and I talk about the Camino de Santiago and share when and why we will be doing the 800 km pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain. If you are listening to this podcast on my KG Tris Triathlon Podcast feed in iTunes, please consider searching for the feed for my new podcast.  I will only be double posting the podcasts until mid August, 2015. You can subscribe to the new show by searching for "Kelownagurl's Adventures" in iTunes, or on Spreaker here. Thank you!! ~Barb ********************** Here's the info I shared in the first post on July 9, 2015. I am starting a new podcast with a new direction. It's called "Kelownagurl's Adventures: Travel and Fitness into Retirement".  A WARNING - there will be MUCH less triathlon talk on the new show, so check out the list of new content below and see if you might be interested in listening to the new show. Because I plan to use Spreaker to post my episodes, it will have a new feed and will be limited to 30 minute episodes. I will post the link to the new iTunes feed as soon as it is live. For the first month, I plan to double post the episodes on my old KG Tris feed (here) in case any of my previous listeners are interested in following me to the new show. However, I urge you to subscribe to the new feed as soon as possible so you don't miss any episodes. New topics will include: * Travel talk (general chatter about our travels) * Travel tips (tips and tricks we have learned along the way) * Fitness talk (things Erik and I are doing to keep fit - focus on running, hiking, and biking) * Retirement (general talk about my transition from being a full time teacher to retirement (follow me as I make this transition in April 2016) * Preparation and planning for our 3 month trip to Europe (April-July 2016) * Training and preparation for our 800km walk along the Way of St James - the Camino de Santiago in May 2016 * Food, wine, and life in general! As always, thanks so much for listening! Follow me on Twitter as @kelownagurl "Friend" me on Facebook Check out my travel videos on Youtube at Email me at Questions? Likes? Dislikes? Suggestions?  Comments?  Let me know!! Direct Link to the episode here  or on Spreaker here