|DSP 75| The Role of Intelligence in Mating and Relationships - Glenn Geher

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Glenn's perspective on his area of science in comparison to Geoffrey Miller's area of science (evolutionary psychology) (05:23) Factors of human relationships and issues of mating in understanding how evolution can help us understand relationships: Is it from a nature as opposed to a nurture perspective that is imbedded in us and cannot be changed? (06:10) Does intelligence play a role in attractiveness and mating outcomes or results, or success with dating, relationships, and sex? (11:20) Intra-sexual selection: how members of the same sex (according to Darwin) compete with each other for a member of the opposite sex (16:40) The realization that there is a lack of mating intelligence based on mating relevant biases (19:30) The aspect of uncertainty and if more intelligent women have a tendency to have less negative biases (e.g. commitment, anti-commitment) (24:00) Types of intelligence, how they relate to each other, and play into the mating intelligence role (26:24) Stereotypes of intelligence and observations in the dating market (30:55) Does IQ correlate with behaviors that lead to positive outcomes in terms of health, relationships, satisfaction, and happiness? (36:41) The differences in intelligence between men and women and how they affect the mating game (41:20) Evidence of interpersonal skills whereby relationships have been improved by also improving those skills (46:25) The type of intelligence that is important for a relationship (48:23) Does emotional intelligence relate to a person's reactiveness on an emotional level? (49:50) Emotional intelligence domination between partners (51:10) Recommendations for high quality advice in the area of dating, sex, and relationships (54:28) Top three recommendations to help men get a better relationship, dating, or mating life (55:36)