Phylicia Rashad Defends Bill Cosby On His Rape Allegations!

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Summary: I totally respect Phylicia Rashad for her brave and positive stand to publicly defend the legacy and character of Bill Cosby while others have cowered like spineless punks in a deafening silence! It's amazing to me that there are countless Hollywood so called stars that have actually done worse than what Bill Cosby is accused of and are forgiven time and time again to be damn near worshiped as a god beside God while Cosby is torn down every chance that's available. Am I jumping on the pro-Cosby bandwagon now that Phylicia Rashad now stood up? Am I defending Bill Cosby simply because he's Black? It's a big fat NO to both questions and it is on record that I approached the Bill Cosby rape scandal and accusations with an open mind, even at the time open to the possibility thathe might have been guilty to some degree. But as the ridiculous amount of women stood up in unison as though a trumpet had sounded for them to stand up and attack, I began to see what this really was all about and I basically said in a prior Cosby video that this was an attack on his Legacy. Right is right and wrong is wrong!