The Black Church: A Modern Day Whore? - The LanceScurv Show

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Summary: Point Blank: The Black Church is NOT what it used to be, nor is it where it's supposed to be. I don't think anyone will deny that fact. But what really intrigues me is that many church members are afraid to death to speak out on how they really feel about this issue. Going to most churches today is like going to your favorite restaurant only to find that your beloved dish has no flavor to it. In the Black Church today there is a tension that thrives just below the radar undetected to most that looms over any free expression of the spirit because it's not really about the Holy Ghost. We all know the in house Jezebels who work their witchery as well as the abundance of Man-whores there who operate under the hetero, homo, bi and down-low umbrella and all of the hierarchies of sexual deviance that thrives to the beat of that joyous sounding heavy bass Gospel music. Secret Societies? Yes, it's a given in the Black Church and one has to wonder with all of the secrecy and strange pagan ceremonies that go on with those groups that it's a wonder why anyone wouldn't ask them if Jesus would move in secrecy like they do. Heck, where would most truly transformed Christians be if the Lord never shared the good news and salvation with them but only to a chosen few who knew the handshake or the catchphrases to ascertain that they are in the inner circle. With so many hidden agendas and secret motivations infiltrating the modern day Black Church, one has to marvel at the fact that it's still hanging on with a pulse. The internal health of the original function is all but rotted out and replaced by a Sunday morning nightclub replacement chock full of all of the amenities that you could ever hope to find in a nightclub and beyond! The Black Church a Modern Day Whore? You can bet that pseudo saved sanctified seducing Jezebel's cleavage that it is!