One Life Left -- s10e17 -- #235 -- Poet Alls

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Summary: The full team is finally back and we're not going anywhere. Except for Ann, who is going to Oslo in the near future. And Ste will probably have to do another talk somewhere far away. Oh, and Simon's train will most likely get delayed at some point. But Simon The Intern In The Corner will still be here for you. And this week you also have Kirsten and Jon from Sidekick Books! They explain to us what it's like doing Videogame poetry (Craig will never tell us), how to do two player poetry and how Kieron Gillen was ahead of us (again). You'll enjoy their poetry even if Ste got slightly competitive in proving it wasn't as good as Marioke. Sega Badawi has some local news and Derek Williams takes us by the hand and leads us through the streets of Doncaster. Where he'll show us something that'll make us change our minds. Oh! And we officially announce the date of our Christmas party. But not the location. Or the price of the tickets. Or the Super-Special Guests! So keep Friday 19th December free and be somewhere in London. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Hurrigameboy - Eyes Closed Fingers Crossed 2. Fantastic Mr Lenix - Hoax Town 3. Brother Android - Wells Branch Park, Evening