|DSP 58| Developing the Courage to Express Your Sexuality - Reid Mihalko

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Reid created The Cuddle Party, a workshop about non-sexual touch and intimacy (02:33) National End A Bad Relationship Day: getting people thinking about and giving them the permission and tools to end a relationship ethically (04:42) Depth as a metric for success in a relationship instead of duration (06:35) Honesty is the new version of fidelity (08:32) Cheating, affair websites, and the erosion of relationships and intimacy (09:43) Talking to your partner about your needs, wants, and desires (11:40) Depth of relationships and the ability to talk about riskier topics (15:40) Describing depth of relationships (19:05) What is appropriate or inappropriate to talk about concerning sexual needs (23:10) Reid and his dating lifestyle (28:40) Exploring different areas and more free expression (34:47) Handling negative reactions as a result of freedom of sexual expression (40:00) Is it a good idea to be spontaneous with sexual expression? (48:05) Self-expression replaces attraction as the new currency in relationships (53:08) Connection choices to certain demographics or communities for meeting people (56:00) The impacts on the life of sexually inhibited guys and the motivation to change (59:34) Staying ahead of the game by increasing self-awareness and your emotional IQ (1:04:00) Recommends for getting advice (1:05:05) Top three recommendations for men to improve their dating, sex, and relationship life as fast as possible (1:08:14)