|DSP 64| Hacking Tinder to Get More Dates - Chris Harders

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Chris' background and what he did before starting to give dating advice (04:58) How Chris ended up being a virgin until the age of 23 (06:00) Chris talks about living in a project house for date coaching and mentoring, and the highlights (10:40) Transitioning from consulting to promoter, to getting involved with the Tinder app (17:05) How the demographics of Tinder have broadened (21:00) Is Tinder more of a casual dating app or for something more serious? (21:56) Looking at the context of the girls, the situations, and why and how they are using Tinder (23:40) How Tinder is different from other standard online dating platforms (27:45) What kind of response rates come from a first message (30:23) Getting started on Tinder: Keep it fun and tell a story (32:15) There is no playing it cool on Tinder (36:15) What the main objective of your first message should be (39:00) The number of Tinder messages involved in getting a girl's number and establishing a date (39:20) Moving towards having a phone conversation before meeting up with a girl (41:00) Playing the game in order to get to point of having a date (44:00) Other reasons for getting a girl's phone number on Tinder (45:45) The stigma girls feel of being on Tinder (47:00) The types of Tinder dates Chris has experienced (48:10) Girls are more adventurous on Tinder (51:55) Chris' favorite Tinder grammatical rules (54:55) Recommendations for advice and insights in dating, sex, and relationships (58:00) Top three recommendations to help men get better results with women as fast as possible (58:28)