Lifestyle Chill #9

Lifestyle Chill show

Summary: This is volume 9 of Lifestyle Chill, thanks for joining me today. My name is James Williams, You can find out more about this podcast on our website at lifestyle and if you listen to the show in itunes you can win a new ipod nano I’ve got competition details in the show. In the mix today, I have tracks from Govinda, Prem Joshua and Jazzelicious in a one hour chillout session. So sit back, relax and enjoy the music. Track List: 1. Bolo Hari by Prem Joshua from the Dakini Lounge album (IODA) 2. Fortaleza Night by Lounge Patio from Chillout in Montecarlo v.2 (IODA) 3. Delicate Poison by Govinda from Chillounge (IODA) 4. Silverlake by York and Noemi from the Ibiza Lounge Collection Summer 2008 (IODA) 5. Mumtaz by Bombay Dub Orchestra, from the Six Degrees Collection Traveler 06 (IODA) 6. Breathing by Christophe Goze (PMN) 7. Superspectral by the Tao of Groove, from Chill Pill Vol. 1 (IODA) 8. Don’t Forget to Breathe by Bitter Sweet from the Yoga One album (IODA) 9. Blue Sensations by Chris Wilson (IODA) 10. Optical Lithography by Essenza (PMN) 11. Cosmopole by Cantoma (IODA) 12. As far as I can see by Shrift (IODA) 13. Orgel by Akira Kosemura (IODA) 14. Make Me Feel So Good by Jazzelicious (IODA)