How To Help Siblings Get Along Without Exhausting Yourself

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: You want your children to get along and honor each other, but some days it feels like they have a long way to go to get there, right? Carol shares her tips to help move you away from the role of referee. Resources Carol mentions in this show: "I Hate You!" How To Respond When Your Child Lashes Out How To Relieve Stress: Spinal Flush 100 Days of Real Food Yin and Yang of Type 4 Energy FREE Beauty Profiling Course Podcast Highlights: 2:20 - 5 year old says she doesn't love her older brother. 8:17 - Type 3 mom with a 2 year old having bedtime challenges. 11:05 - 5 year old 3/1 child loves to get reaction out of siblings. 18:07 - 3/4 child and 1/2 child -- how to resolve conflict. 21:36 - How to honor all Energy Types during conflict. 31:28 - Type 4 yin and yang. Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: Learn more about Carol's Best Selling parenting book, "The Child Whisperer" at Learn more about Carol at