Cupcake Flower Lights

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: On this fourth Friday of May, we’re continuing with our May theme of flowers. So far we’ve created flowers from tissue paper flower, duct tape flower pens, and have used flower petals as the basis for a number of games from counting to basic math and anything else you may have been inspired to create. With graduation parties looming and thoughts of gifts to light up your grad's dorm room, these cupcake flower lights may be just the thing. Like all of our May flower projects and activities, you’ll be engaging your child’s multiple intelligences in addition to creating lasting memories. For this simple and elegant project you’ll need a strand of lights or a stem of lights that we repurposed. You’ll also need scissors and cupcake papers in various colors. 5 Steps to Cupcake Flower Lights Step 1:  Make the leaves Choose a color for the leaves and fold fold cupcake paper in half 2 times facing the folded point to the bottom. Cut the edges to make a leaf shape. Step 2: Make 8 -petal flowers Fold a cupcake paper in half 3 times, again with the folded point towards the bottom. Cut a rounded shape at the top. Step 3:  Make flowers with 16-petals. Fold a paper in half 4 times keeping the folded point facing the bottom and cut a rounded edge at the top. Step 4:   X Marks the Spot Cut a small X in the center of each cupcake paper using scissors. The lights will be inserted through the X. Step 5:   Create flowers Layer the leaf and petals onto each of the lights on the strand. Repeat the process on all the lights or just a few to create a unique spring time light for your outdoor parties or to brighten up your graduates dorm room walls.   I hope you enjoy this quick and easy cupcake flower light activity. Together we’re lighting up our kids learning! Next week I’ll be sharing our final flower-focused activity and create a decorative wall mirror out of plastic spoons and a little spray paint.