GFY 056: Master of Mobile Marketing Shares His Corporate Escape Story

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Summary: Interview with Greg Hickman ( Everyday, more customers will start interacting with your business solely on a mobile device. But if your content isn’t easy for them to access, you’re going to be left in the dust. That’s why my guest today, Greg Hickman, launched his business Mobile Mixed in 2010—to be the ultimate resource for small business owners to generate leads and sales using mobile marketing. Greg is an online entrepreneur, business coach, and founder Mobile Mixed. He is the author of The SMS Marketing Handbook and trains marketers to add mobile to their marketing mix. As a Corporate Escape Artist himself, Greg also hosts the Leaving Corporate podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs on how they were able to leave their corporate career on their own terms. Tune into this episode of Go Fire Yourself to learn how Greg used mobile and other free tools to get his business quickly off the ground and running, and also to leave his corporate job permanently. Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: The Rise to the Top New Media Expo John Lee Dumas Amy Porterfield Did this podcast rock your world?   If you liked this podcast, leave a review on iTunes!! You will be immediately showered in gold and diamonds and all things sparkly. Visit to check out the iTunes page. Plus…sharing this episode on social media will undoubtedly add to the glitter fest. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The post GFY 056: Master of Mobile Marketing Shares His Corporate Escape Story appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.