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We've MOVED to show

Summary: Hello! Michael here with a quick update that our site has changed.  We are no longer DnD Academy. We are now The RPG Academy.  While I love D&D and will always love D&D Caleb and I realized that our focus has grown more broad and we are discussing RPG's in general and not specifically D&D, so we re-branded the site.  I had hoped to do things so that everything would seamlessly transition but apparently I didn't do it right. So . . . If you'd like to continue to get our shows you'll need to go to your podcast aggregator of choice and search for and re-subsribe to The RPG Academy.  Right now the only one ( I know of) that hasn't switched yet is Stitcher Radio.  For the time being I will be releasing episodes on both feeds, but once we get Stitcher worked out this feed will go dead.   I also wanted to let people know about the Primeval Thule contest (and a couple changes to the original announcement ).  I have having a private hosted game of Primeval Thule using the 13th Age rule set at GenCon 2014 and am giving away a seat. If you want to enter, send me an E-mail to with the subject line "OUT for Primeval Thule" then in the body send me your idea for your PC's One Unique Thing.  We'll pick our top 5 and then put them up on the site, most votes get's the seat.  No more than 5 entries per person, please.   As always, thanks for listening and I hope you'll come join us at our new home   Michael