Dr. Vibert White Ph.D. Speaks On Economic Development In The African Diaspora

LanceScurv show

Summary: Tonight we are blessed with the divine presence of Dr. Vibert White Ph.D., associate professor at the University Of Central Florida and his Queen of a Wife, Sister Michelle White Muhammad, as they go deep into the issues concerning the various countries on the continent of Africa, namely Nigeria, and the politics and issues of the continent as a whole. They will also speak on the economic development of those African countries and what we as Black Americans can do to participate in the global economy with the focus being on the Motherland. The Edward Snowden situation will be discussed as well as the issue of terrorism and the falsehoods promoted to the American people through the mainstream media. All are welcomed to listen in and the audience will have the opportunity to participate in sharing their questions with Dr. White toward the latter segments of the program.