|DSP 10| Access to VIP Clubs and Building Instant Social Circles - Gambler (Richard La Ruina)

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: I caught up with Richard La Ruina while he was in Moscow, Russia in 2012. We got down to talking about building social circles from scratch whether you're traveling or starting in your home town and the quality of women in different countries around the world. How to approach women differently in cultures from Brazil to Russia.Traveling and how to get your life set up quickly (social circle, access to clubs and women).The High End club scene and how to navigate it. Specific steps to befriend a high value or rich guy and groups of women. How to compensate when a girl you met in a club sees you with another girl. How to use and not use facebook in your social life. Activities you should only focus on for a short time to get good with women.