|DSP 54| The Path to a Serious Girlfriend - Christian Hudson

DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast) show

Summary: Christian's background, his dating lifestyle and how he got into coaching men on the topic. The point at which Christian decided to move from casual dating to serious long term relationships (12:00) The relationship between responsibility, owning a business, seeking out more stable relationships and Napoleon Hill's ideas on "Sex Transmutation" (13:10) How relationships force you to grow in different ways to the single life (14:40) When is the right time to move from casual to serious dating for you (17:50) The search for the playboy lifestyle and how it inspires men, with the example of Dan Bilzerian (18:50) Some men's biology and mindsets translate to not having a need to meet a lot of women (19:30) "The promoter problem" (24:10) Blocks some men have to getting into relationships with girlfriends after having been dating casually for a long time (25:30) How your values become about "sleeping with women" when you are submerged in the pickup community, men's communities who emphasize this (27:00) Avoid weak values by actively embracing difficult and scary thing in life that he thinks he needs to do but isn't doing (29:50) An example from Christian's life where he put a girl before his own mission and values and it backfired on him (30:50) How the way friends evolve in their relationships can bring them closer or further apart (32:00) "In the long run the truth comes out." - Why you have no choice but to improve yourself if you want long term relationships (33:50) The different types of tests that women will put on you during your relationship (35:00) Do you have to have worked on yourself before you should even try to get into a serious quality relationship? (39:40) Why Christian decided to re-record his Girlfriend Activation System training program (42:00) Christian Hudson's top 3 recommendations to improve your life with women as fast as possible (44:00)