Smart Kids, Arts, and Travel

ART Smart Parenting show

Summary: Spring has certainly sprung and with it, so do my ideas about travel.  I absolutely LOVE traveling and taking in the sights, sounds, and especially the art of a new city.  When I think about traveling with my kids, I'm always looking at the arts and cultural activities taking place during a trip.  The arts shed much light on the history of our great planet.  I find that I am better able to enjoy a culture, once I can immerse myself in its art.  Who can resist going to the Lourve when visiting Paris or the great temples of Asia?  Certainly not me!   While not every city or village you visit will be a mecca of art, others will provide so much art it will bring a smile to your face.  Here are some pictures of the trip we took to visit family in South Korea a few years.  The artwork was amazing--and everywhere!  It seemed like every corner turned, offered a visual feast for the eyes.  Even under bridge passes had art to enjoy.                     The arts engage each multiple intelligence and inspire new thoughts and ideas, seemingly without effort.  It's through the arts that intelligent, critically-thinking, and problem solving leaders are developed!   So now it's YOUR turn! In previous weeks, I've shared loads of ideas to engage your child through the arts.  I encourage you to take your new-found knowledge of the multiple intelligences, and dream up new ways to appreciate the arts or create art in YOUR environment.  Whether in your own backyard, your child's bedroom, or in a public locale, engaging the multiple intelligences through the arts is the first step to creating tomorrow's leaders today! Don't forget to post pictures and feedback from Art Smart Travels or Art Smart ideas you and your child dream up this week!