Episode-1317- Building the Backyard Orchard

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Summary: TweetThe Loquat, A Citrus that is Hardy to Zone-7! Today is sort of kind of a permaculture episode, but not necessarily one.  I think we have a lot of people in the audience that want more food production but do not necessarily really care about “permaculture” as a concept unto itself.  I think this show will make both camps pretty happy. The truth is we have lost a lot of knowledge about growing fruits and nuts in our nation.  We have equated trees with large giant things you could never reach the top of. We see trees as things to climb, hand ropes from and build a fort in. Due to this many seem to feel a large variety of productive trees could never exist on a small piece of land, such as the average 1/10th  – 1/5th acre yards most suburban homes have. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today I will discuss the basics of setting up an intensive perennial system based on mostly trees, bushes, shrubs and vines.  How to get multiple yields across a full season, keep the work load minimal and even tell you about some species you have likely never heard of. Join Me Today to Discuss… How fruit was grown at “Manor Houses” in England How trees really “work” and why you can treat a tree like a shrub The importance of balancing top to root structure Why you should “thin” fruit at times The importance of heavy mulch Cultivation of mushrooms The role of shrubs, vines, bushes Why I have changed my view of multi-graft trees to positive Some Unusual Trees/Plants to consider Jujube Sea Berry (awesome medicinal) Paw Paw Cornelian Cherry Cornus Mas (red and yellow) Cornus Kousa (sometimes called big apple kousa) Dwarf Mulberry (Morus Alba Issai) Elderberry (awesome medicinal) Honey Berry Chinquapin (like little chestnuts) Hazelnuts – Filberts Loquats – (citrus in zone 7) Potted trees for citrus and other things Final thoughts Resources for today’s show… Join the MSB The Year 1317 Join Our Forum 13Skills.com Join Our Forum TSP Gear PermaEthos.com BrinkOfFreedom.net JM Bullion – (sponsor of the day) Fortress Defense Consultants– (sponsor of the day) Black Belt Magazine – (Discount Vendor of the day 50% off a subscription) Sources of Many of the Plants I Mentioned Today and Other Cool Stuff Deep Green Permaculture Back Yard Orchard Techniques Dave Wilson Nursery Back Yard Orchard Techniques Bob Wells Nursery in Lindale Texas – This man is AWESOME! Burnt Ridge Nursery – Awesome stuff including some cool Autumn Olives Willis Nursery – Very Cool Stuff, Good Prices and Some Real Hard to Find Things Dave Wilson Nursery Multi Graft Trees – You can buy them from Bob Wells listed above Oikos Tree Crops – Some things they have I have never even seen anywhere else, I learned of them from Dave Jacke Raintree Nursery – A great source of unique plants and great info on them.  Their catalog should be sold as a book it is that informative. Dwarf Mulberry – This link is for information more than a recommended place to buy, you can find better prices and I don’t really know about this company yet. Roger Meyer on Jujube Cultivation – Great video not super exciting but very informative. Producing Mulberry From Cuttings – Really easy to do, this is a video.  If you just want to see the technique jump to about 2 minutes and 20 seconds. And yea it is this easy! Victorian Kitchen Garden Episode One – This is pretty cool and you can find the other episodes in the related videos section. Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK (866-658-4465) and you might hear yourself on the air. Also remember we have an expert council you can address your calls to. If you do this [...]