Episode 3 The Sainte Chapelle

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Summary: The Sainte Chapelle, It's Like Walking Into a Kaleidoscope 2:00 Crown of Thorns, is it the real thing? 3:20 Chapel for the exclusive use of the French King and his family. 4:00 A church built to show off Gothic architecture and stained glass. An opening into paradise. 6:00 Why you should not miss it. A secret formula we cannot reproduce. 8:00 Video that shows you how they keep the stained glass pristine and why they are still there today. 9:30 More beautiful even than Chartres Cathedral. 10:30 The Sainte Chapelle was built to house the Crown of Thorns. 11:30 Practical considerations: How to get to Sainte Chapelle, entrance fees, no photos allowed. What fitness level is required for this visit? There is an elevator but only if reserved ahead of time. This venue only offers guided tours in French, if you want a tour in English arrange it ahead of time. This visit is not ideal for small children. Thank you listeners! In the comments we'd love to know if you've visited the Sainte Chapelle and how it made you feel. This is the place where you line up to get into the Sainte Chapelle on Boulevard du Palais. The Sainte Chapelle itself is inside the courtyard, see next image. On this image you can see that Sainte Chapelle is inside the courtyard.