Alex Dayon on the Salesforce Platform

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Summary: This week on the podcast we talk to Alex Dayon the President of’s applications and platform products. Alex holds several patents and is focused around creating business value out of technology disruption. Alex joined in 2008 through the acquisition of InStranet, a leading knowledge-base company where he was a founder and served as its CEO. In this podcast we cover topics from that range from the enterprise shift to cloud  along with a great discussion about how Salesforce is focusing on the role of the Salesforce Admin and pushing declarative features so that deploying applications is even easier without code. We want to remind you that if you love what you hear, or even if you don't head on over to iTunes and give us a review. It's super easy to do and it really helps more Admins find the podcast. Plus, we would really appreciate it. Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed: