71 Weeks Old: Aches and Pains

Baby Time: 15-18 Months Old show

Summary: Listen to Baby Time: 71 Weeks Old For 71 Week Old Jack, the wonderful combination of ear infections and teething brought about one of the worst weeks ever for fussiness, screaming, and late bedtimes. In between, he managed to learn and incorporate more Baby Sign Language. And Kerry and Dan relate how difficult it is to check your baby's teeth and regulate their own diets. Get all the details this week on Baby Time! NEW FEATURE: Listeners of older Baby Time episodes can now subscribe to those shows and download them directly to iTunes. Visit the Subscribe page for more info. Check out all the Baby Time links we mention on our del.icio.us links page. If you'd like to say hello or make a suggestion, contact us at hello@babytimeshow.com.