Money For Nothing & Your Chicks For Free / Dire Straits!

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Summary: Money makes people do some very strange things. Having it or not having are two very vast ends of a spectrum that makes them do some very strange things. Striking a balance from within when dealing with our feelings toward money no matter where we find ourselves on that ever changing spectrum just might help to bring us some peace in our lives as we strive to make ends meet. Some people will say that money is the root of all evil but maybe it could be ignorance toward the way money works might be the primary culprit as the majority of marriages end in divorce because of the diametrically opposed views toward this very necessary item. But why the confusion when all will agreee that two plus two is four and six minus eight is negative two? With something so clear and indisputable in front of our very eyes, why is it that too many of us are finding our checking account balances in the negative when we have no excuse to allow it to get that way? Maybe something is clogging our minds and blocking our view toward something that should be so simple to handle on paper but terrible difficult when put into practice. Maybe there is an unseen but very real spiritual element that is lacking that should be taught in order for us to put into place the missing factors that will allow us to carry on prosperous and progressive lives in the manner that our Creator has desired for us. But the question must be asked, did our Maker's plan for our lives even include the exchange of money for services and goods and if not why do we do this in the present time?.......and if there are laws in our handling of money then why haven't most of us been taught them and to whose benefit is it that our ignorance of money be perpetuated? On this night we will dialogue with Brother Lamar, a man who has a knowledge of all things financial but has a very unique manner and perspective from which he will speak and share.