Salesforce Spring 14 Release Notes Party

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Summary: This week we have a Salesforce Spring 14 Release Notes party to talk about what we saw in the release notes. Joining us for our release notes party is the ever popular- always enlightening Rebecca Dente. In this episode we talk about our most anticipated features and what we think will be the least appreciated features. Then we dive into a discussion about some pilot features and which ones you should think about enabling. Of course it wouldn't be a release notes party without our favorite Spring drink recipes included below. Rebecca Dente blogs at and you can follow her on twitter @SFDC_Nerd So grab your favorite pastel shirt, and belly-up to the bar. This will be one fun episode. Jared's Drink Recipe Grand Gimlet 2 oz Plymouth Gin 1/2 oz of St. Germain 1 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice Served up or on the rocks Mike's Drink Recipe Bee Sting Moonshine Cocktail 1 tablespoon honey juice of ½ lemon 1.5 ounces moonshine ½ cup sweet tea (or unsweetened if you prefer) lemon and fresh mint for garnish                                 Click on the logo to listen & subscribe RSS Feed: