Episode 149: South River 2012 Cabernet Franc

East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast show

Summary: The Wine Geeks get together after the holidays and the cold snap and randomly pick a wine to try! Who was there: Bryan, Kate, Chris, Jen, Tim and Joe The wine: South River 2012 Cabernet Franc from Geneva, OH (Lake Erie Region) Color: light garnet color Nose: vanilla, hint of oak, light fruit and tobacco Flavors: light cherry, green notes, slight oak, very light on tannins Scores Chris: 88 “I might like it better if I didn’t have a cold” Bryan: 86 “I would like a little more structure” Kate: 85 “The flavor is just too fleating to me” Jen: “I really can’t taste well enough to score this fairly due to my cold. I remember that I really enjoyed this wine when I tried it this summer” What else happened on the show: Bryan thought he was going blind, Jen caught a cold, Chris bought new tires and everyone was sick. Chris gives an update on the wine making and Kate found a new nickname for Bryan.