234 Podcast Answer Man – BlogWorld LA Review – Meeting Leo Laporte – Occupy TWiT

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Summary: Very Important Note: On Thursday, January 5th, 2012, I recorded several shows for my gspn.tv production network where I mentioned that I had shared A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about the future of gspn.tv content. Unfortunately, in most of those episodes, I told folks to be sure and check out episode 234 of Podcast Answer Man to be sure they understand what is happening moving forward and why it is happening. However, IT IS EPISODE 243 that contains this MAJOR announcement. To listen to this very important episode, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Recording From The Road In this special episode of Podcast Answer Man, I am joined by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt from FightingAnorexia.com and MyInterContinentalLife.com. Together, while driving from Petaluma to Oakland California, we give you our review of BlogWorld LA and share our amazing journey of visiting the TWiT Studio. Meeting Leo Laporte There is no doubt that you will hear the excitement in my voice when you hear me share what it was like to finally get to meet Leo Laporte. You'll have to listen to the episode to hear just how amazing this visit was. WOW! What an amazing trip this has been! Subscribe To The Podcast Answer Man Podcast: