Is Homosexual Marriage The Keystone In The Arch Of Cultural Marxist Activism?

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Summary: Marriage is one of the major institutions that were once exclusive to the union of a man and a woman or the variation thereof. The goal of Cultural Marxism is to replace traditional cultural institutions one of the most important being marriage with the radical transformation to that of the union between same sex partners. Why is it a problem when someone stands by their traditional Biblical beliefs to be called Gay Bashers or Anti Homosexual and threatened to pursue their livelehood as in the case of Phil Robertson who stars in A&E Televisions Duck Dynasty? Tonight we will go in Bold, Raw & Uncut on a topic that will cause most to hide out of the fear of facing an issue that will bring many repercussions for merely agreeing. The title of this topic says it all and we invite you to listen in and participate if you are brave enough as we will allow everyone to speak their mind once and for all without sugar coating it. Mutual respect to all viewpoints will be given as long as each point is made in a non insulting manner! Passion is welcome here but ignorance will be sent packing out the door!