special guest mix : cursor x

minimal show by john smthg show

Summary: hi all, big surprise this month with a special drum'n bass mix by cursor x, heavy, rough and intense dj set during more than 120mn... plus a gift at the end for hip hop lovers and curious people, with rarities like run dmc, eric b and rakim, steady b, krs one, skott la rock, bob james, kraftwerk, maintronix and more... enjoy : playlist : 01 DT, altitude, east side; 02 Breakage & jubei, harvester, emcee; 03 DT, fusion, east side; 04 Breakage & jubei, still there, emcee; 05 Leon switch kryptic minds, kontakt, def com records; 06 Robyn chaos & b key, the suffering, freak recording; 07 Leon switch kryptic minds, nine lives, def com records; 08 Robyn chaos, audio & dylan, rapture, freak recording; 09 Skitty, before life, cylon; 10 Leon switch, vein, def com records; 11 Skitty, reckless behaviour, cylon; 12 Leon switch, lucky star, def com records; 13 Manifest, dg returning, renegade hardware; 14 Angel, the rufige kru rmx, teebee rmx, metal headz; 15 Dylan, human error, renegade hardware, 16 Terminator, the rufige kru rmx, cujo rmx, metal headz; 17 Photek, the rain, metal headz; 18 Photek, into the 90's, metal headz; 19 and more, surprise!!!...;