Línea Abierta : Latino to Lead Arizona Schools? Also, Presunto Culpable.

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Summary: Latino to Lead Arizona Schools? Tucson, in Arizona, sparked widespread protests after it banned from public schools books by Chicano authors and a Mexican American studies curriculum. Statewide, Attorney General Tom Horne has stalled efforts to allow undocumented students pay in-state tuition. Now, a Latino professor vies for the top education post in the state: Superintendent of Public Instruction. What’s his platform? What are his chances of succeeding? Guest: David Garcia, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Phoenix, Arizona, http://dg4az.com/ Also, Presunto Culpable. A conversation with the maker of the film “Presunto Culpable” (Presumed Guilty), award-winning documentary that made history as a box office record in Mexico. The producers, who by following the case of a young man convicted without evidence of a murder exposed a criminal justice system of secrecy, incompetence and corruption, are facing now major civil lawsuits in the same court they exposed in their film. Guest: Attorney Layda Negrete, co-producer of “Presunto Culpable”; Ph.D. student at Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA