Línea Abierta : To Sin Against Hope. Also, Heavy Fine Against Spanish Language Show.

Linea Abierta - English Description - Show in Spanish show

Summary: To Sin Against Hope. In his new book about life and politics in the borderland, titled “To Sin Against Hope,” Alfredo Gutierrez argues that the war on Mexican immigrants has rarely abated. This personal memoir of the former leader of the Arizona State Senate begins with the deportation of his U.S. citizen father from his Arizona hometown, during a period of anti-immigrant hysteria fed by the Great Depression. Gutierrez says that the immigration policies of then president Herbert Hoover mirror Barack Obama’s in harshness. Guest: Alfredo Gutierrez, author and former Arizona state senator, Phoenix, AZ. Also, Heavy Fine Against Spanish Language Show. After a three-year long investigation into the airing of profane and indecent content, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it had reached a settlement with the TV company that owns the syndicated program “José Luis Sin Censura.” The investigation was launched after National Hispanic Media Coalition and other groups complained the program regularly aired anti-gay, anti-Latino, and anti-female content. We speak with a media reformer and leader of the campaign. Guest: Alex Nogales, President & CEO, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Pasadena, CA, www.nhmc.org