6 Ways To Fail In Real Estate And How To Avoid It

Phillipy Consulting show

Summary: Real Estate is one of the greatest professions in the world.   You get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, work with who you want to work with, and the sky is the limit for income.  That said, it is also one of the hardest professions in the world.  Since real estate has so many opportunities, it also brings many challenges in the road to success.  In this coaching and training session, I cover 6 ways to fail in your real estate business . . . and how to avoid it.  Be aware of these 6 challenges, and you will be sure to find success. Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE Transcript of Post 6 Ways To Fail In Real Estate And How To Avoid It Hey everybody welcome to this week’s real estate coaching and training session my name is Daren Phillipy, CEO of Phillipy Consulting this week were going talk about six ways to fail in real estate and of course how to avoid it. The real estate business is a pretty unique business; it’s the type of business that you pretty much an entrepreneur running your own personal business. And when you have to rely yourself you don’t have any ways to really blame failure on someone else, and what I wanted to do because the real estate business is so difficult, there’s no reason to make this business even more difficult. What I did as is I came up with six different areas that I think you could really screw up your business, or where you can even drag yourself out of the business. If you follow or do these one or many of these six things and now of course were not limited to only six things that can actually make us fail, but of course I can’t do a four hour podcast. I wanted to cover at least these six and I thought that these 6 would be a very good place to start. Here we go number one, don’t plan. The lack of planning, it can destroy your business you know this one. When it comes to preparing your business a lot of times we think about our business in the beginning of year. Putting together plans and business plans and kind of the game plan at the beginning of the year and often times throughout the year we plain forget about what your business plan is and just have a daily activity that you’re doing. A lot of times we wake up and we start dealing with whatever our clients or whatever e-mail or voicemail’s tell us what to do that day. And that a lot of times that can destroy your business if you don’t have a good plan that emphasizes the talents that you’re given you not been going to be running at your highest efficiency. For instance it in football on the big huge football geek can go BYU Cougars and of course go San Francisco 49ers. Having a game plan is extremely important the team that has a plan put together, a strategy put together have a better chance of winning than the team that just kind of shows up and that thinks that talents going to lead them to victory. So it comes the planning if we lack the plan when we don’t when we wake up in the morning and we don’t know what the heck were to be doing and so we start just dealing with what are e-mail that whatever pops up your e-mail or wherever our clients throw at us. Because we might be waking up just spinning our wheels we might be doing activities that’s not driving business and is not going to close this we need to make sure that we do have some sort of game plan. A lack of a game plan can destroy your business and you can fail in real estate if you don’t have a daily plan. So what do we need to do when it comes to these plans? I think it’s probably the most important thing is make sure that you put together a plan that gives you specific tasks, that will drive business specific tests that will not only just help you close business but move you forward in your business progress picture. That you’re put[...]