Mastering Short Sales At A High Level With Kevin Kauffman

Phillipy Consulting show

Summary: In 2007, Short Sales reared its ugly head back into the real estate market in Las Vegas. It was a difficult process that took months of follow up and often left the Realtor and their clients in a losing battle with the Banks. Now, Short Sales have become mainstream in real estate across the country. Many agents have taken on this challenge of short sales. Some agents have stayed far from short sales, and some have embarrassed and even perfected the short sales process. Kevin Kauffman is one of those real estate agents that has mastered short sales and functions at a very high level. In this coaching podcast, Kevin shares: How the Banks make their decisions and how the short sales negotiators function. How to handle a large volume of short sales. What systems to use in using systems. The key to staying in touch with clients is implementing a client database / CRM. How to chose short sales faster. Kevin is the Short Sales Master. He share some excellent insight that will help you in closing your own short sales. Possibly the most powerful statement Kevin shared was, “Never take a no from someone who has no authority to say yes.” Powerful!!! You can find Kevin on his website at or on twitter @kevinkauffman9 Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable on iTunes or Stitcher, listen, and enjoy. Video of Post Downloadable Audio MP3 of Post Subscribe to Realtor Roundtable Podcast below   To learn more about how Keller Williams can help your real estate business, click HERE