Episode-1241- The Possibilities of Abundance in Spite of Modern Self Destruction

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Summary: TweetToday I am going to talk about permacutlure from an entirely different angle then I have in the past.  What I mean is the concept that really makes permaculture brilliant isn’t swales, food forests and biogas energy.  No it is the concept that we can do the following… Take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children and do so while not harming others, not harming natural systems and generate sufficient surplus for it to work. That of course is taking the prime directive of permaculture and the three ethics and making one goal oriented sentence out of them.  I would ask you this though, as a modern survivalist, is that not exactly what we should all be working for. Notice the above says nothing about growing plants, digging ditches, raising chickens or planting gardens.  Notice also there is nothing political about it, it is all about self responsibility, self governance and self directed decisions.  It begins with two words, “take responsibility” and once spoken those words leave no room to blame others, call on a government to fix a problem or sit around and hope that things get better. Join Me Today to Discuss… The ethics and directive as a life philosophy, what is it closest to? Why people don’t understand permaculture, it doesn’t “fit” our way of thinking Why growing food is what permaculture is most known for, but perhaps should not be How much wealth is in a swale, how much in a tree or a pond Why we need to understand that all wealth originates from natural systems What is the real value of an hour of human labor Why permaculture values off grid living so highly, security! Lack of systemic dependence Requires the creation of redundancy Eliminates huge amounts of interference Results in a “balanced” system What does it mean if permaculture isn’t possible? Resources for today’s show… The Year 1241 Members Support Brigade Join Our Forum 13Skills.com Join Our Forum Walking To Freedom Shop for TSP Silver TSP Gear Back Yard Food Production – (sponsor of the day) Survival Gear Bags – (sponsor of the day) PermaEthos.com Also remember we have an expert council you can address your calls to. If you do this you should email me right after your call at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with expert council call in the subject line. In the body of your email tell me that you just called in a question for the council and what number you called in from. I will then give the call priority when I screen calls. Our Expert Council is Made Up of… Kerry Davis – Dark Angel Medical – Emergency Medicine and Life Saving Care Bryan Black – ITS Tactical – All Things Tactical, E&E, Lock Picking, etc. Frank Sharp Jr. – Fortress Defense Consultants – Weapons, Tactics and Security Darby Simpson – DarbySimpson.com – Livestock and Farm Management/ Homestead Consulting Ben Falk – Whole Systems Design – Permaculture (Specializing in North Eastern Climates) Paul Wheaton – Permies.com – Permaculture (Specializing in North Western Climates) Tim Glance – Old Grouch’s Military Surplus – Bug Out Vehicles, Military Surplus and Communications Stephen Harris – Solar1234 – All things Energy Chef Keith Snow – Harvest Eating – Cooking Join the MSB Today Want Every Episode of TSP Ever Produced? Remember in addition to discounts to over 40 vendors who supply stuff you are likely buying anyway, tons of free ebooks and video content, MSB Members also get every edition of The Survival Podcast ever produced in convenient zip files in blocks of 24. More info on the MSB can be found here.   Likes(15)Dislikes(4)