Don't Hate, Educate! // An Exclusive Interview with the Zero-Net Team

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Summary: In September 2005, 12 cartoons of Islam's prophet Muhammad were published in a local newspaper in Denmark, as a result, a wave of negative feelings and actions followed on both sides; by mid January of 2006 a sever case of cross-cultural misunderstanding was apparent. Many level-headed people worldwide felt the need to do something positive in reaction. Sahar El-Nadi, Independent Culture Consultant from Cairo published an article explaining the cross-cultural lessons to be learnt from this clash and how to avoid similar situations in the future, she sent a short email to a small circle of her friends on 7 February 2006 explaining how multicultural and creative people should get together to encourage friendship and understanding across cultures. Soon many enthusiastic people worldwide responded to her call for constructive action. Thus a core volunteer group was formed, made up of young Egyptians in their 20's & 30's, all multi-lingual, successful professionals in many fields, with cross-cultural exposure, creative talents, and friendly nature. They were supported by many enthusiasts worldwide from various cultural backgrounds, ages, and faiths. Zero-Net was born: A unique Cultural Outreach Initiative under the slogan Don't Hate, Educate!