The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 22: “Zaine’s getting blown by a Demon”

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Summary: Hello all, Here is Episode 22 of our DnDNext Actual Play podcast.  In this Episode, Zaine (being controlled by Me as an NPC - Evan was out this week), gets some shocking news from Grexil as one of his big secrets gets revealed.  Yomi learns just how dangerous the sewers can be and Zaine gets grappled by a Red Arm Guard who uses an as of yet, unknown ability on him.  Had a hard time finding a good cutting point, so this episode just sorta ends and we'll pick up at the same spot in 23.   As always, thanks for listening and please take a moment to rate us on Itunes. The more ratings (and the better the ratings) we get helps us stay on the top of lists and searches so more people can find us. Communicate to us on our Forum at RPG Crosstalk E-mail us at Podcast@dndacademy Follow us on twitter @dnd_Academy   Thanks!! Michael – AKA Mumbles.