Savage Worlds Play Test, Actual Play Podcast: Episode 1 – I Give Him Candy

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Summary: Hello All, Here is the first Episode of our Savage Worlds game system Play Test. We played in a Generic Fantasy game similar to D&D settings.  I swear, the more I play Savage Worlds, the more I like it. Right now i'm really getting into FATE, 13th Age and Numenera and each excites me, but when it's all said and done I may go back to Savage Worlds.   Anyway, Here is our first episode. Still editing, but i'm expecting to get 3 total episodes. It was a one-shot saturday game GM'd by James and included Brad, Travis, Nick and I as players.  Slight hiss in the background but overall the sound quality is pretty good (if a bit uneven at times).   As always, thanks for listening and comments/feedback are welcome     Michael – AKA Mumbles. E-mail us at Podcast@dndacademy Follow us on twitter @dnd_academy visit our forums at RPG Crosstalk