Olympic Outreach, Music Ministry in Haiti, African Ministry updates and a Family Ministry Survey

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: The YWAM London 2012 Olympic Outreach, news from some of our YWAM Africa centres, we talk about the Men of God music ministry in Haiti, and YWAM Family Ministries has put out a survey about families and their roll in Youth With A Mission… Stories: * Interational YWAMer for September 2011 * A focus on Hospitality * internationalywamer.org (http://internationalywamer.org) * Subscribe to the International YWAMer (http://www.ywamlist.org/iy/) * YWAM Olympic Outreach * Forever Olympic Outreach for All Ages - ywam.org (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Forever-Olympic-Outreach-for-All-Ages) * YWAM England – Foreber Outreach for the 2012 London Olympic Games (http://www.ywamengland.org/content/18/Events-and-Opportunities/Forever:-YWAM%E2%80%99s-outreach-for-the-2012-London-Olympic-Games) * Forever 2012 Olympic Outreach official site (http://www.forever2012.com/) * YWAM Athi River DTS Outreach Story * YWAM Athi River (http://www.ywamathiriver.org/) * Children's Home, Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Hospital Visits and more ... * Located outside of Nairobi, Kenya * YWAM Arua & Yei * YWAM Arua (http://ywamarua.weebly.com/) * YWAM Arua is located in Northern Uganda * Ministry focus into Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan and North Eastern Democratic Republich of Congo * YWAM Family Thermometer * Family Ministry Online Survey * Should only take 5 - 10 minutes to complete * YWAM Family Thermometer (http://www.ywam-fmi.org/news/items/ywam-family-thermometer.html) * YWAM Haiti Men of God Music Ministry * Costs $200 to produce a song * e-mail them at joseph.owen35@yahoo.fr (mailto:joseph.owen35@yahoo.fr) to find out more * Update about the flooding around YWAM Haiti * YWAM is working to help rebuild the walls to avoid future flooding from the river * Benny Prasad on Resonate News * Interview with Benny Prasad (http://www.resonatenews.com/resonatenewscom/newsheadlines/296) * Benny P. was the fastest traveler to all 250 nations of the world... * YWAM Worship CD Update * Getting Closer with the First Ever YWAM Worship Album (http://ywammusic.net/profiles/blogs/getting-closer-with-the-first-ever-ywam-worship-album) * Due to be released in November * YWAM Organic Upcoming Videos * www.ywamorganic.org (http://www.ywamorganic.org) * DNA Infusion Training Around the World * Upcoming YWAM DNA Infusion Seminars (http://ywamlife.com/Events) * YWAM DNA is an initiative to pass on to younger staff in the mission some of the flavour and essential ethos the mission has had. Many senior leaders and our founders have taken part. * YWAM Hockey summer camp reports * YWAM Hockey update on the Summer Hockey Camps (http://ywamhockey.blogspot.com/2011_09_01_archive.html) * School of Navigation and Seamanship * YWAM Orange County * 4 June 2012 for 12-months * School of Navigation and Seamanship (http://ywamships.net/train/school-of-navigation-and-seamanship-sons/) * Podcast Answer Man webinar for free * http://LearnHowToPodcast.com (http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=5r.qc&m=3X7ir1DMw8yQUCE&b=cSrq_wD_IOco2yHNWpA9pA) Music: * Reveling - Best of Us * YWAM Music Network (http://ywammusic.net/) * Matt Mazno - YWAM Music Profile (http://ywammusic.net/profile/MattManzo) * Ellen Miles - Beloved Intruder * Ellen Miles Online... (http://www.ellenmiles.no/) * Ellen Miles - YWAM Music Profile (http://ywammusic.net/profile/EllenMiles)