YWAM Staff Gatherings, YWAM Interns and Mercy Ministry Updates for Africa and India

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: Welcome back! This week  in YWAM Podcast episode 54  we talk about YWAM Staff gatherings in Europe and the Asia / Pacific region, we check out some new opportunities for YWAM locations to connect with missions minded interns, and we see what Mercy ministries Youth With A Mission is engaging in throughout Africa and India... Stories: Student Mobilisation Centre offers to connect qualified interns with different projects around the world and it is a unique opportunity for YWAM to connect with missions minded individuals to help on different projects. Here is more information ... Find out how you can connect with and host interns here (http://ipoconnection.org/host-interns/). YWAM Madras Slum Ministries YWAM Chennai in India has been working in the slums of Chennai since 1993. They work in the following slums: * Ambethkar Nagar Slum * Chinnandikuppam Slum * Kottaivakkam Slum * Chemmancheri Slum * Meenambakkam Slum * Thoraipakkam Slum Some of the community development work that they are engaged in are: * Day Care Centre * Sunday Schools * Primary Health Care Work * Saving Groups * Tuition Centres / Coaching Classes * Youth Development * Tailoring Centre Update: By request of the YWAM Chennai Leadership we have removed the previously embedded video to protect the work and identity of those involved in the ministry (March 9, 2013) ... You can read more on the YWAM Chennai web-site here (http://ywamchennaiministries.org/MM.htm). (http://ywampodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/549936_522874684430612_1322808996_n-150x150.jpg) YWAM Blantyre in Malawi Food delivery to deliver Maize to orphans and people suffering from HIV. YWAM Blantyre has an HIV support centre in a rural mountain village called Mancama. There has recently been rain in Malawi and although it is desperately needed, it makes transportation dangerous and the need for such food supply trips even more vital. More news from YWAM Blantyre (http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Corrected--Crash--conference--training--plans---kingdom-expansion.html?soid=1101588844638&aid=kPtUMsiVRVc) Mozambique Helicopter Rescue “I heard a South African Air Force (SAAF) Oryx helicopter on the same radio frequency as us, so I asked him if they were equipped with a winch and able to come to our GPS position. That first rescue was of two women we found trying to swim through the strong brown current, holding on for dear life to a closed plastic bucket containing their belongings. The helicopter winch operation was a success and their lives were saved. “Now we continued scouting for more groups of survivors, directing the SAAF helicopter to the exact locations to rescue them. Some families we found had climbed into trees and I wondered how long had they been there, waiting for help. “Continuing the search, we hovered slow and low over the muddy flood waters, not wanting to miss anyone. The hard fact keeps hitting me that we must have missed people who might have been rescued. I feel guilty about that; I pray they are found tomorrow. Government boats are still continuing their search and rescue. “In this short operation with SAAF, over just one afternoon, we saved more than 20 people: women with children on their backs, some men, and several weak and elderly people. During the 30 second turn-around time, every time we were on the ground, many children came to us with waving hands, asking to be flown away too. Read the full story on the YWAM.org web-site (http://www.ywam.org/News-Stories/news/Helicopter-rescue-in-Mozambique). Videos this month on YWAM Organic (http://www.ywamorganic.org/) talk about the modern slave trade and human trafficking, the Home of Joy in Thailand and a feature on the central Kmer people of Cambodia. Find out what the YWAM Family Ministry Centre (http://www.ywam-fmi.org/home.html) is up to in the Ukraine YWAM European Leaders Gathering * Reports from the gathering