The Soulmate Lover with Mali Apple & Joe Dunn - KG Stiles, Host

Conversations to Enlighten and Heal show

Summary: Please welcome my wonderful playmate friends Mali Apple and Joe Dunn authors of the The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships which won the Gold Medal for the 2012 International Book Awards and the Silver Medal for the Living Now Awards. Mali and Joe are hosts of the Facebook community The Soulmate Experience which has 64,000 members. I recently had the pleasure to interview Mali and Joe about their upcoming book The Soulmate Lover. We explored many different topics for creating juicy love that lasts, including how sexy sharing a mango is, and how expressing your sensuality and sexuality in healthy positive ways open your intuition and leads you to the soulmate experience. You can find out more about Mali Apple and Joe Dunn by visiting their website at Conversations is sponsored by holistic products and services for body, mind and soul and organic aromatherapy. Please visit these websites today. Enjoy the show!