Jesus.-Who Is This Masked Man?

Concordia Adult Bible Class show

Summary: Recently, CNN featured an article by Reza Aslan, a former Muslim turned “Christian.” He said about Jesus: “Today, I can confidently say that two decades of rigorous academic research into the origins of Christianity has made me a more genuinely committed disciple of Jesus of Nazareth than I ever was of Jesus Christ. I have modeled my life not after the celestial spirit whom many Christians believe sacrificed himself for our sins, but rather after the illiterate, marginal Jew who gave his life fighting an unwinnable battle against the religious and political powers of his day.” To Reza, Jesus was a zealot, but not the Messiah. Jesus, however, thinks of Himself as much more than a rebel. In a world that has many different conceptions of Jesus, it is important to know who He really is: God come to earth as a man to save us.