Cosmic Weather 151 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Scorpio New Moon * Jupiter Trine Pluto * The Sky is Falling... Well the Sky isn't falling, but it is experiencing a lot of turbulence from the astral realms, where the archetypes abide. Sorry I've been so absent of late, I've been readjusting to the arid climate and high altitude for the past three months processing two my throat was sore and I could barely talk. That really sucks when your profession depends on your ability to communicate with the voice and make it inspiring. So after getting behind on lots of charts, I have just three more to go! With the New Moon in Scorpio the sign of rebirth, we are being asked to CHANGE and RE-EMPOWER our deepest dreams and visions, especially in the house that hosts the New Moon. We've also got an incredible T-square between Neptune, Mars and Venus with Venus/Mercury. The Apex of the configuration is the Venus/Mercury Athena mythic signature over in Scorpio...should be a fascinating halloween! Eric Meyers joins me in another scintillating conversation on the celestial influences of the heavenly configurations! Enjoy the show!