TIME / SPACE Continuum

A M B I E N T    W O R L D S show

Summary: Welcome to the unique AMBIENT WORLDS Airways... Todays trip is a unique journey, to examine the 4th Dimension, the TIME / SPACE Continuum...Special greetings to all our friends @ "RADIO VENERE" in Bologna, Italy! After seeking knowledge from the past, with advice from the "ABOLENGO", we'll need to fully understand the "Charming Mechanics" of the Cosmos... So we'll be waiting in "LIMBO", before flying through Deep Space with PASCO's hyperdrive ship "XLR 8" to the etheric "NEBULON"... Then, we'll discover "A Slight Flaw In Time" with Mr Q, while experiencing Corrado Rossi's extraordinary "ECLIPSE"... before repairing the very "Fabric of Time"