Episode 20 – EMCrit Cric Commentary

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: So... if you're not listening to Scott Weingart and the EMcrit podcast then....well....I don't know what to say to you.  Stop doing what you're doing, download every episode, memorize them all, and then come back here.  Please don't waste your time listening to us if you haven't soaked in the brilliance of the EM/Critical care god that is Scott Weingart.  After you've done that, then I'm pretty sure you'll be jonesing for some more Scottness, and we've got your fix.  Here he is giving his opinion about our recent cric podcast.  And like always it's a pretty opinionated opinion.  So take a listen and learn......isn't his voice sexy? (Edit: If you have had any issues with this episode playing, it should be resolved now.) Our Full Cric podcast can be found here Our Quick Cric shortcast can be found here