Episode 25 – EPSS + App Release

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: EPSS and APPS!! One's a cool, quick way to measure LVEF, and the other's the answer to all your ultrasound hopes, dreams, and aspirations!  The wait is over! So not long ago we got a suggestion from Scott Weingart:  "Maybe EPSS would be a cool episode." Well, our mothers both taught us that "When The Scott says it.....it's true". So we made it, and he was right.  It is a pretty good episode if we do say ourselves.  So if you want to learn how to quickly, accurately measure your patient's ejection fraction then you've come to the right place.  Sit back and let Mike and Matt get all up in your earbuds and educate you. As for the App, it's FINALLY done! Just to be clear, we would never recommend making an app as it can be a real pain.  But it's here, and we think you're gonna love it!  We're still working diligently to add more "episodes" to it, and we have plans to double the size of the current app, but it's already got a TON of content.  And as for the price: (SPOILER ALERT) it's free!......but complicated.  There's going to be a paid and free version with basically the same content.  Listen in to the very end of the episode to hear a more detailed explanation. It's not free to make an app, but we think we've creatively figured out a way to get this sweet tool into your hands at no cost to you. Why not tell us now you say?  Well we put it at the end because we think this EPSS episode is some pretty quality education and we didn't want to detract from it with some app nonsense.  I mean, come on, smartphones and ultrasound.  Who has a smartphone and who uses ultrasound.  Both probably fads........ One Minute Ultrasound App for iPhone One Minute Ultrasound – Droid Version One Minute Ultrasound – Droid (Amazon)