Weekend - Farewell Edition

For Faith & Family show

Summary: Today’s For Faith & Family Weekend marks the final edition of the program. Please read a note from the producer and host of the program below: I cannot express how blessed I have been these last 13 months while For Faith and Family Weekend has been on the air. God has given me so much more than I could have ever hoped for in my first year at the ERLC and For Faith & Family Radio. I hope you will listen to my sign off in the final segment where I thank some of the people who have been instrumental in sharing God’s love and truth through this show, but I also wanted to list them here. My thanks and appreciation to Harold Harper, Bobby Reed, Tim Cuffman, Amber Chesser, David Goodman, Gary Lancaster, Lucretia Goddard, Elizabeth Bristow, Marie Delph, Barrett Duke, Dwayne Hastings, Richard Land, Matt Hawkins and Karen Cole. This program would have been nothing without each one of you. To our many guests who haven’t hesitated to give us their time, knowledge and perspective on our great God—thank you. And finally, my deepest gratitude to our listeners. Thank you for your support and for believing in this program, I hope you will follow us to erlc.com as we strive to serve you and your family even better. In His name, Thomas Willis