Facebook Infidelities: Cheating From The Comfort Of Home!

LanceScurv show

Summary: Cheating and having an affair has never been easier than it has today because of the popularity of the social media networks like Facebook & Twitter. Individuals who happen to be in what their mate thinks is a committed relationship may often times be living a double life as they may have not only one person to whom they are cheating with but multiple partners on different levels. An adulterous affair is not limited to the physical, their are many levels of infidelities that range from the emotional to the hypersexual and all in between. Tonight we will explore these many hidden manifestations of covert connections and how easy it is to fall into it if you haven't already done so. what are the danger signs? Why does it happen? What can one do to protect oneself from this very seductive trap? Make sure to tune in tonight for yet another deep exchange on an issue that has literally been wrecking complete households! "Facebook Infidelities" tonight on the Lance Scurv Show!