How To Love Your Woman: Loser’s, Users & Abusers Take Notes!

LanceScurv show

Summary: Why is it that so many of us just don't have a clue on what it takes to please our woman? Why is it that too many of us think that it is all about our sex organs or oral skills when it comes to having our mates walking on cloud nine? Whatever happened to that true intimate connectedness that comes from the total commitment that many of us seem to ignore. Why is it that we as men forget time and time again that if we took care of our responsibilities, that the loving would come at us in every conceivable angle because the first rule of the thumb is that our woman needs to be secured? This will be yet another rapid fire shoot from the hip brutally honest show in the LanceScurv style that you have grown to love & appreciate each and everytime. Join us as we go deep into what it is that the ladies crave and need to once again feel whole again. Ladies, this is your chance to speak out to the world what you have been feeling for far too long inside. And gentlemen, while your participation is crucial, it would be best to pick up those pens or pencils and do a whole lot of note taking because on the LanceScurv Tal Show SCHOOL IS IN! .......and to tell you the truth even I will be taking notes too! LOL! Make sure toead the blog that inspired the title of this show as it will make all who attend understand where I am coming from and will definitely be a great starting point for our discussion, here is the link: